Did you know?? "AHA"

There are many reasons why we love the auction business. It's fun, fast-paced, exciting, and always something new. We have awesome bidders and buyers (thank you), and incredible sellers and clients (thank you as well). We have amazing team members (we'd be lost without all of you). But one of the greatest things we have is AHA!

AHA is exclusive to the auction industry. It stands for "Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers". It's a lifestyle, a culture, a way of doing business. It means that as a profession, we seek ways to actually help each other.
Like most professional organizations, we come together to support each other in crisis or in times of desperation. But unlike most professions, we come together to help each other in conducting our business - even those with whom we compete! We offer each other tips and advice. We send buyers and sellers to each other when it fits. We jump in and lend a hand. We even celebrate together.

This past week, the J.P. King Auction company celebrated their 100 year anniversary. 100 years in business. A family owned business around for 100 years! That's quite an accomplishment. And they threw a party, and auctioneers from across the country went to celebrate with them. Friends and competitors. We celebrate accomplishment. 

We recently posted a link to an open house, for a property we are selling on-line (www.Auction673.com). Other auctioneers re-posted the link to help us. We didn't need to ask, they just "did".  That's how this business works. We get together at conventions and discuss ways we can all do a better job. We talk about ethics. We talk about best practices, and we share our mistakes so we can all learn. We have Facebook and social media forums were we can ask questions and get immediate responses. We have fun. We enjoy each other, and yet, we are still competitors.

So what. I'll tell you what. It means we do a better job for our clients and bidders an buyers because we all get better at our profession every day.

"AHA" has become a mantra for us here at Schur Success, and you win in the end. "AHA". 

Ain't it great when you love what you do!!