Salad Dressing makes Sick Kids Better! And you can too!

Well, in a way. Paul Newman's company makes salad dressing (and many other products too). ALL of the profits from these products go to charity. ALL profits. 

One of the great charities funded and founded by Paul Newman is the SeriousFun Children's Network, an organization that allows seriously ill children to take a break from their afflictions, and just be kids. They do this by sponsoring summer camps and other programs, and make them completely accessible regardless of their illness. They offer full medical services to ensure these kids can participate in activities that other kids get to do at summer camp. These kids can be themselves. They can interact with other kids just like them. They are cared for by incredibly dedicated and trained staff members and volunteers. 

All for free. No charge. The family pays nothing. Ever. 

Shannon and I were privileged last week to visit one of these camps right here in Colorado, Roundup River Ranch. This is pulled right from their webpage: 

"We make campers with serious illnesses feel like ordinary kids. Giggling, laughing, conspiring, arrow-shooting, horseback-riding, craft-creating kids. We help campers and their families enjoy the gift of extraordinarily joyful moments, lasting friendships, newfound courage, and memories that remain long after the last s’more is devoured." 

Shannon and I toured the camp. We saw the cabins. We saw the dining hall, the lake, the zip line, the archery range, and so much more. We saw kids laughing and hugging their friends and counselors. Then we saw the medical facilities. And the accessible bathrooms and showers. And the kids with oxygen bottles, and special dietary needs. We saw facilities where kids can get their dialysis treatments in the morning and then head out to participate in arts and crafts. 

We saw teams of excited volunteers that love what they do, and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. We met staff members who are incredibly dedicated to their missions. They opened our eyes. They told us of the kids who learn courage, of kids who learned for the first time how to enjoy the outdoors. They told us of the bonds these kids make with other kids, and with their own families. 

They told us about the families and siblings too. About the healthy kid who gets ignored because mom or dad have to care for their ill sibling. They told us how these camps help the siblings too.  How the camp allows the parents to have a break from being a 24/7 caretaker, and can spend just a little much needed time with other siblings, or with each other, or even by themselves. They told us of the programs they offer for siblings, and of the outreach they do in hospitals. We knew our small donations would make a difference, but until we saw with our own eyes - until we heard the laughter and felt the joy in these kids, we had no idea just how important our support really is. 

It costs money to build incredible facilities like these. It takes dedicated supporters to make this possible for families that have no other financial resources to give their kids a chance to be normal. It costs more than $2200 to send 1 child to camp for 1 week. That's probably a really low figure, because it doesn't include the cost to build and run the facility. 

We've chosen the SeriousFun network as our 3rd Quarter 2015 recipient. We'll be directing 100% of our donation to the Roundup River Ranch in Gypsum. We encourage you, we invite you, we ask of you... give generously to this incredible organization. Help us not only reach our goal of $3,000 this quarter, but let's leave that goal in the dust and reach for the stars! 

Take a look at this short video, then write a check and make a difference! 

I tell you what. Let me buy you a cup of coffee, and give me 5 minutes to show you how much good you can do with your donations. The coffee's on me. 

Rich Schur
Chief Operating Officer, Champion Auctioneer
Schur Success Auction & Appraisal. 
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