Nope... This ain't Nordstrom's

What's not to love about Nordstrom's? They have great stuff, and they have terrific service! So do we! We have great stuff, and we have terrific service!
Nordstrom's will pretty much let you bring back anything you bought, pretty much at any time, and they'll give you a refund. So do.... not us.

We're auctioneers, and not a retail store. We're in a different type of business. Most of the time, we're selling in a liquidation setting. The seller needs the assets gone. The buyers know this, and that's all part of the process. Auction items are usually sold "as-is". This means that there may be flaws with the item, and that as a buyer, you have accepted that fact. As an auction buyer, you have some responsibilities too. We need to do a good job of disclosing any flaws that we know about. Sometimes, we don't know what the flaws are, so we'll tell you you it's "as is". That means what you see is what you get. 

You have a responsibility too. It's called "inspect". Yes, you get to look at what you are buying. You may only have a limited time period to inspect items at auction. We suggest that you take full advantage of that time. And if you can't inspect the items, you should assume that there are likely some flaws in the asset, unless we tell you otherwise. Why? Because at an auction, once you buy it, it's yours. There are no refunds. There are no exchanges. There's no "do over". You bought it, it's yours. You agreed to this concept when you registered or obtained your bid card. You signed a contract with the auctioneer. 

Folks, we're not doing this to be mean. We're doing this because that's part of how auctions are successful. We move merchandise and assets quickly. Often, you're getting one heck of a deal, but that comes with the risk of "no warranty". Honestly, we'd rather you simply just don't bid if you're not willing to take the chance. We don't want to have to argue with you, or disappoint you, but regardless of your concern, we simply don't do "refunds or exchanges".  We'll treat you with respect. We'll be polite. We'll even listen and be understanding. What we won't be doing is taking back what you bought. 

Yup. Schur Success a great company with great people in a great business, but we're not "Nordstrom's".